Where do your users go when your site is down?

We give you a way to keep them in the loop.

Downtime. It's that special time when your phone is ringing off the hook, your inbox is filling up, your customers are getting angry, and you're frantically trying to fix everything. It doesn't have to be this way.

By providing your customers with an off-site system status page you can communicate with all of them from the moment trouble strikes. Instead of phone calls, emails and angry customers you have a simple, clear communication channel to let people know about the issue.

Gain your users trust by being transparent about downtime.

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“Now our customers have a single, reliable source to find out what is happening.”
— Matt Scilipoti, Groupsite.com
“It can make your life simpler by giving you a separate hosted service for letting your users know how your website’s working... I highly recommend this particular app’s offerings”
— Connor Turnbull, AppStorm

How to handle downtime:

Based on Lenny Rachitsky's Upside of Downtime talk at Velocity 2010

Before: Prepare

  1. Communication Channel
    • Must be easy to find
    • Must be hosted off-site
    • Must be real-time
  2. Process
    • Give authority for people to communicate
    • Set up a MTTC (Mean Time To Communicate)
    • Have a process to respond to & escalate issues

During: Communicate

  1. Communicate
    • Use the communication channel
    • Adhere to your MTTC policy
    • Describe who/what is affected
    • State when the issue started
    • Give an ETA for a resolution
    • Update regularly
  2. Fix it!

After: Explain

  1. Post-mortem
    • Admit failure
    • Sound like a human
    • Give the start & end time of the issue
    • State who/what was impacted
    • Describe what went wrong
    • Share the lessons you learned
  2. Learn and improve

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