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API Access

This is the documentation for our API:

End Point

The API end point URL is http://yoursubdomain.(a or b).offsitestatus.com/
The "a" or "b" section of the endpoint indicates the data center your status page is hosted in. Look at your URL and make sure you choose the correct data center.


All requests require an API token called "auth_token". You can find your API token on your "Edit Your Account" page.

Request Formats

All requests can be sent using JSON.

Response Formats

All responses will be sent using JSON.

API Calls

Post A Status

POST /statuses.json
The request must include the following:
  • status[level] - This is a string consisting of one of the following values ('good','minor','major','scheduled')
  • status[description] - This is a text field explaining the status update.

If you wish to schedule a status, then the following two fields are also required:
  • status[start_time] - This is datetime field. example: '2013-10-10T14:00:00Z'
  • status[end_time] - This is datetime field. example: '2013-10-10T16:00:00Z'

Example Request Body:

      "description":"A few people have reported images not displaying correctly, looking into it."

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