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Customizable URL

Your system status page URL can easily be customized to match your site's URL scheme. Normally, status pages are found at the "status" subdomain of your main domain. To use this scheme for your page you can simply set the custom URL value on your system admin page. Then set up a CNAME record in your DNS records for that subdomain to point to offsitestatus.com.


So, if you want to setup your OffsiteStatus page at http://status.yourdomain.com:

  1. Go to your OffsiteStaus system admin page and click "Edit This System"
  2. Enter "status.yourdomain.com" into the "Custom URL" field
  3. Create a "CNAME" entry in your DNS configuration that points the "status" subdomain to either
  4. "a.offsitestatus.com" or "b.offsitestatus.com" depending on the data center your site is hosted in.
    If you're unsure which data center your site is hosted in take a look at the URL of your status page. If it looks like "yourpage.a.offsitestatus.com" then you're in the "A" data center. If it looks like "yourpage.b.offsitestatus.com" then you're in the "B" data center.
  5. Wait for the DNS information to propagate across the internet.

Your normal OffsiteStatus URL will continue to work if you customize your URL.
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